A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial introducing designer Janina Lewitz and her collection DE CRESCENDO. Photography by Yulia Reznikov. Make-up & Hair by Lisa Knape. Models are Jana Pries, Niklas Witzel, June signed at Promod Model Agency, Daniel Novcic singned at Dopamin Model. Yulia Reznikov studied graphic design with focus on fashion and beauty photography at the university of Düsseldorf. This editorial was created in collaboration with fashion designer Janina Lewitz.

Urbanisation and innovative technologies are causing both audible and visual noise. This has a big impact on the quality of life while living in bigger cities. Therefore, new generations are seeking silence and try to discover new ways of sound reducing and escape.

DE CRESCENDO stands for reducing sound and calm down. Though CRESCENDO represents that there is no way humans can enjoy full silence in a modern society, because noise will always surround us. It is the inner silence one must find.

Sound is made visible through cymatics – a science which shows the different tones in beautiful round patterns. A print was developed for the collection to integrate the noise visually and combined with different structures and fabrics. White panels are interrupted by loud stripes and pieces are completely white from one side, but colourful from the other. Further on, the shapes are a mix of round, big, sporty silhouettes – which refer to the comfort, people feel in quiet zones – and extrovert forms and lengths to satisfy young people following individualism.

Janina Lewitz, 22 years old from Düsseldorf, Germany, studied Fashion Design at the AMD Akademie Mode und Design. She always wanted to inspire others through fashion and to create something that would make people reflect and discuss about important topics. With this collection, she relates to her other passion, music, and aims to make the world a little bit more mindful.

Photography & Retouching by Yulia Reznikov @yulia.reznikov
Fashion Design & Creative Direction by Janina Lewitz @janinalewitz
Collection: DE CRESCENDO
Jana Pries @pries._.pries
Niklas Witzel @orig.nik
June @june_lea signed at Promod Model Agency @pma_models
Daniel Novcic @no_daniel_at singned at Dopamin Models @dopamin_models
Make-up & Hair by Lisa Knape @lisaknapemakeup

Wardrobe Credits:
Fashion Design : Janina Lewitz
Shoes: Puma, Yourturn, Topshop, even&odd