A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Adrian Xuan. Model is YAN signed at DOV. Styling by Sabina Vitter. Make up by Nicole Ou. Hairstyling by Yang Sheng Long.

“My name is Adrian, im freelance photographer based in Shanghai, This time my team & I prepare a story about self-isolation. Gradually, the whole world came out of quarantine, but we also observe how repeated outbreaks of Covid-19 appear in many countries & there is a second quarantine, which we are already dealing with much easier than the first.

Why is that? And is self-isolation really our inalienable future?
With related questions, we live every day.
The further, the greater the uncertainty to which we are all so accustomed.

Our story about «How useful sometimes to isolate yourself from today’s chaos around the world».
As we ourselves are unaware of this, we succumb to the influence of daily negativity, which has recently become more and more.

How in such a difficult time, we certainly need support, as well as our own strength.
And how sometimes it is useful to be alone with yourself, to be able to rely on and entrust your peace of mind to yourself.

Putting our lives on pause, many people took a break – you can see people walking and smiling. And that’s not bad, really. In this regard, for many people, self-isolation is a reason to rethink a lot.
Inscription in Chinese on white tape “Self-isolation”.” says Adrian Xuan

Photography by Adrian Xuan / Instagram: @adrian_xuan1982
Stylist Sabina Vitter / Instagram : @sabinavitter
Stylist assistant Shion / @shion_lyx
Model is YAN signed at DOV / Instagram: @dov_model
Make up by Nicole Ou / Instagram: @nicoleye113
Hairstylist Yang Sheng Long @yangshenglong2

Fashion by

YueQiQi  @_yueqiqi
abric Porn @fabric_qorn
Tommy Zhong @tommyzhongstudio
Rui Zhou