Self-Portraits by Paride Mirabilio

May I introduce yout to the photography of Berlin based artist and model, designer Paride Mirabilio. I am in LOVE with his self-portraits. Paride Mirabilio was born in Pescara October 30, 1989, spending his childhood in Cervia and returning in the province of Pescara where he lives to this day. It takes the artistic maturity in Architecture and Design at the Art School ” G. Misticoni ” in Pescara. He enrolled at the Faculty of Architecture at the University Gabriele D’ Annunzio in Pescara , but left school after only one year , targeting his research on other expressive possibilities. Until unites the mind and began a fruitful collaboration with four hands Alessandra Antonucci , in January of 2011 , creating bluntly . Initially working together as a costume and set designers for a theater workshop , bring costumes for the Regina, Queen Italian tribute band, and dealing with various works of art and tailoring . At the same time carries out research on himself through photography. Now he moved to Berlin for new inspiration..

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