Sentiments by Lindsay Ryklief

Lindsay Ryklief aka LIGRYE is one of Seoul’s most prolific and interesting characters in the Seoul scene. Sentiments is part of LIGRYE’s photographic project Boys of Seoul – which started with the idea of redefining Asian masculinity and its perception. Mainstream media today does not quite offer the dynamic complexity of the Eastern male form, subjecting them to boxes that are outdated.

Through a mix of both film and digital photography, Lindsay Ryklief (aka LIGRYE) focuses on the subject’s form vis-a-vis their individuality and spirit. By juxtaposing Seoul’s industrial city landscape with the flexibility of an amorphous studio, the project effectively blurs the lines between the depiction of male strength, beauty, and character. This delicate balance results in a surreal narrative of each model’s persona, ultimately questioning the standard idea of what masculinity means. Notably, LIGRYE directs his lens towards underrepresented communities — or even outcasts — in Korean society. This may include those who are laden in tattoos, to those that are a part of the LGBTQIA+. LIGRYE achieves this goal through poignant, intimate portraiture of creative souls with a story that has yet to be told.

Photography by Lindsay Ryklief / boysofseoul
Instagram: @boysofseoul / @ligrye

백준영 / Instagram: @100.zy
성해 / Instagram: @skinhae

Styling 이호정 / @k0rean.empress

Hair & Make up by teamovermars / Instagram: @teamovermars

Designer  변성태 / Instagram: @zize__