Sexy Blue Beast Wins Award at the BMVAs: Best Art Direction for "Masstor – Self Control"

Masstor – winner of best Art Director, photo by Anton Tal @antontalphotos

Music and film have always been a match made in heaven, and this synergy was celebrated in full force at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2024. Berlin’s cultural heart, Kreuzberg, witnessed thousands of creatives flocking to the 12th anniversary of this iconic marriage between music and film, hosted at the historical Club Gretchen. The attendees came dressed in outlandishly decadent nightwear, reminiscent of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”, setting the stage for an unforgettable night.

Club Gretchen, a protected heritage site built in 1854 as the former stables of the Prussian 1st Guards, transformed into a euphoric and hedonistic paradise for the opening night of the Berlin Music Video Awards. The festival spanned multiple days, indulging in the stunning creations of the leading creatives from the film and music industries. It celebrated the extraordinary work of these cultural industry mavens.

BMVA’s founder and producer, Aviel Silook, praised the venue’s uniqueness: “The Gretchen is a fantastic location, not only for the great sound system but also because of the owners and the staff, really incredible people. It’s historical because it makes history these days. I love working with people who think about legacy, that’s the next level. Besides all that, it is also a wonderful venue for events like ours because we have several spaces to project different videos, stage talks, and DJs simultaneously. There is the outdoor space and it’s a lovely privilege in the summer.”

Photo by @fotochold.portr
Photos by @fotochold.portr

The BMVAs pride themselves on inclusivity; young, promising creatives competed alongside world-leading industry professionals, embodying the Berliner attitude: a fierce passion for DIY and a punk love for art that says, “We made something out of nothing.” This spirit sets the BMVAs apart from other music video festivals.

Aviel further explains, “The main thing that makes people like the festival is that it is independent. People in Berlin and the filmmakers are very good at identifying commercial productions. They can see that it is a passion project by the selection of the videos or the laid-back atmosphere. We have no sponsors to please or government funds that dictate our policies. That’s part of our originality—freedom of art and expression without restrictions.”


“Masstor – Self Control,” the latest nightlife anthem, didn’t disappoint with its video, perfectly reflecting its true glory. The jury at the Berlin Music Video Awards awarded this decadent, marvellous, and clever creation the Best Art Director Award, and it was well deserved!

Masstor, a transdimensional supermonster musician and artist based in LA, is best described as a monstrous blue beast with massive pink horns, bustling muscles, chain-pierced nipples, and an insatiable appetite for fun. Appearing in full outfit, Masstor became the centre of attention, with the crowd flocking to get photos.

Gunnbjörn Gunnarsson @gunnbjorngunnarsson, Masstor @masstorofficial, Bianca Radoslav @bianca.radoslav

@victoriaforaver and @RiffRaffFilms

BMVA founder Aviel Silook praised the video’s art direction, saying, “The Art Direction in this video is unforgettable. The set design is so fresh, and so well-executed, that it throws you into another universe of perfect colour matching. Everyone who worked on this video was inspired by the cover and walked right into its honey trap. The artist may be unknown, but working with world-leading production companies like RiffRaff shows there’s something incredibly promising about Masstor. We wanted to be some of the first to recognize this new empire.”

We are thrilled to announce that KALTBLUT Magazine was once again a proud media partner for this year’s event, playing a crucial role in celebrating and sharing the incredible achievements of these avant-garde creatives.