A KALTBLUT exclusive story from Perú. Photography by Alex Chañi, Creative direction by Christian Duarte. Models are Alvaro Fuentes, Jose Sandoval and Alejandro de Soria. “Shaman” is a story inspired by Juan Manuel Verano Navarro, a shaman originally from Huacho, Lima, Peru and who lives in the port of Callao. To achieve a fantastic and mysterious effect, magicians and shaman sorcerers use clothing as a conductive element of their power. Manuel sees life with magic and that is reflected in his style in his way of dressing.

Alex Chañi is a Peruvian photographer and filmmaker who explores atmospheres like nostalgia and introspection in his photos. He also likes to use the documentary style in fashion photography.

Christian Duarte is a Creative director and fashion activist. His artistic production is involved with the politics and society of his environment, in communities on the margins of the current art system. Resident artist in @monumentalcallao in the neighbourhood of Castilla lives with the neighbourhood to know its structure and history to narrate it.  This is where he meets the shaman who he considers, beautifies and redefines his community.

The clothes used in this editorial are partly made by Manuel with recycled materials and another part are vintage and second-hand garments.

Brands used are:

D’Peru Textil @dperutextil / SAKE / Monu Vintage @monu_vintage

Photography by Alex Chañi /  / Instagram: @alexchanifotos

Creative direction by Christian Duarte / Instagram: @christianduarte______________

Models are Álvaro Fuentes / Instagram: @imfransfuentes , Alejandro de Soria / Instagram: @ossas________ , Jose Sandoval / Instagram: @itsdagant

Shaman: Juan Manuel Verano Navarro