Shelley Parker’s Top Tracks

Hessle Audio’s final release of 2018 sees London-based Shelley Parker debut on the label with the ‘Red Cotton’ EP. The tracks match skeletal breakbeats and looming sub bass with processed field recordings from both her choreography work and echoes of Carnival from her flat. Released 23rd November on vinyl and digital, Bristol-based Ploy completes the record with a signature percussive workout of a remix of ‘Angel Oak’. Celebrating the release, Shelley has put together a list of must-have records taken out with her every time she plays.

1. Radioactive Man – Night Bus To Nowhere (RGC)

2. Ramadanman – Response (Bare Dubs)

3. Phuture – Spank Spank (Trax)

4. LFO – LFO Leeds Warehouse Mix (Warp)

5. Matthew Johnson – Decompression (Minus)

6. Warlock – Cold Cash (Rag and Bone Records)

7. Cursor Miner – Hair of the Dog (Lo Recordings)

8. Dexter – I don’t care (Clone)

9. Comtron – What we sell (K7)

10. Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak II/II (Basic Channel)

11. Lennie De Ice – We are ie (Reel to Reel)

12. Aphex Twin – Pulsewidth (Apollo)

13. Andrea Parker – Freaky Bitches (Touchin Bass)

14. Scape One – The Future (Electrix)

15. Jay Denham – In Sync (Transmat)

Stream, download, share Shelley Parker’s ‘Red Cotton’ below

Feature photo by Jonathan Crabb