SHIFTING SANDS, Group Exhibition at ChaShaMa, NY

SHIFTING SANDS is a group exhibition showcasing the creative breadth of 20 artists from NYFA’s 2020 Immigrant Artist MentoringProgram. Each of these artists has crossed physical borders, leaving one part of the world for another – in doing so, holding space for various identities and shifting realities. From this common experience emerges unique perspectives on identity, belonging, home, memory, hope and resilience.


Exhibiting artists: Zeshan Ahmed, Katya Akuma, Ivana Brenner, Hedwig Brouckaert, Zorica Colic, Carin Kulb Dangot, Bel Falleiros, Nathier Fernandez, Vinay Hira, Jaejoon Jang, Hyun Jung Ahn, Ae Yun Kim, Geuryung Lee, Jiaoyang Li, Spandita Malik, Levan Mindiashvili, j.p.mot, Ghislaine Sabiti, Leila Seyedzadeh, Sofia Suazo


For twenty-six years, ChaShaMa has transformed unused space for 30,000 artists, hosted 4,000
public art events, provided 1,500 free art classes in underserved communities, and reached
audiences of nearly a million.

From left to right: Spandita Malik ‘Salwar-Kameez on Clothesline’ 2021 Sun-printing, Phulkari silk thread embroidery on Khaddar fabric, 32 x 40 inches ; Geuryung Lee‘The movement’ 2019 Drypoint on paper 18 x 24 inches; Sofia Luisa Suazo Monsalve ‘Post-photographic landscape #1,2,3’ 2019 Digital chromogenic print on paper, 9 x 18 inches; j.p.mot ‘Stool + boogey’ 2017 Mixed media, 7ft x 5ft x 6ft; Hyun Jung Ahn ‘Blanket Windows’ 2021 Felt and linen, 72 x 62 inches

Curated by Yvette Molina, Ghislaine Sabiti and Hedwig Brouckaert
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