Short Film Premiere: ORBIS

ORBIS is a short film set in a post-apocalyptic world where different young people from different parts of the world try to survive the day to day without any hope. Loneliness, nostalgia and the transformation of souls is affected by a meteorite that falls from the sky emitting a strange signal. The characters will use this strange event to discover themselves and connect deeply with their desires.

We wanted to portray loneliness in an extreme way, creating a completely empty and destroyed world and how this world could be traversed by young people who are discovering themselves. The feeling of nostalgia mixed with  survival, sadness, desolation, sexual desires and the eternal feeling of being trapped in your own mind, are all part of this. Being completely alone on a planet makes your mind start to wonder if what you are living is real or part of your imagination. A meaningless existence that emanates glimmers of hope with the appearance of this strange meteorite.

Directed by:
Alexan Sarikamichian @alexan_sar
Guido Barbosch @guidobarbosch
Benjamin Baccetti @benjaminbaccetti

Camila Rabinovich @camilarab
Zoe Vartuli @zoe.vartuli
Lucio Setton @lucio.setton
Naomi Stein @naostein
Beta Romero @mbetarb
Rob Debar @robdebar
Eos Imperiale @eolic0
Juani Spiguel @juanispiguel
Rocío Kazarian @_kazarian
Francisco Vazquez @vazquezfran

Edition: Juan Pablo Arrieta @jparrietas

Director of Photography: Nicolas Quintela @nicoquintela
Assist: Alan Faks @fakstheartist

Color Grade: Clara Obarrio @cl