Short Makeup Courses Suggested by Fabulive for Beginners

Becoming a professional makeup artist is not at all easy. You need to get certified to ascertain that you know about applying makeup. Interestingly, these days you can find many short makeup courses options that allow you to gain the skills to work in the mainstream makeup industry. Drive through the write-up to learn more about these makeup courses and how Fabulive can help you in this.

What is a short makeup course?

Just like any other sector, the makeup field is also growing tremendously, and so the demand of the artists who are qualified has increased. Today, everyone wants to opt for a salon, which is operated by skilled makeup professionals and who have expertise in applying the makeup correctly. There are different types of courses available in the industry and the ones which are of a few days or sometimes of a month are known as short makeup courses. These are meant for both beginners and established professionals in the makeup field and are the classes are hosted by the experts in the makeup industry. These professional have skills in that particular type of makeup style, and they train you to gain full knowledge about it.

There are a variety of short makeup courses available both online and offline and anyone can join it. Some of the most popular ones are:

Bridal Makeup

Also known as wedding makeup, the bridal makeup course is one of the most sought-after makeup short course. Here, you are taught different styles of bridal makeup, the latest trend in the bridal makeup, and the conventional makeup of a bride. You can also look for short courses for different places bridal makeup, such as Indian bridal makeup, Asian bridal makeup, etc. Mostly this course is of two to three weeks depending on the things which you want to be included in the course. These days you can also opt for customized short makeup courses online, where you can learn the skills concerning your requirements.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eye makeup is another thing which everyone is not good at, and that is why you can find budding makeup artists opting for smokey eye makeup short course. You learn in the how to apply winged eyeliner and how to make the eye of the client look sultry yet elegant. You also learn about the different types of brush used in this type of makeup and how to select the eyeliner (liquid eyeliner or pencil eyeliner). All necessary things for smokey eye makeup can be found here

Colorful Eye Makeup

There is another very famous short course which many artists are opting for, and that is colorful eye makeup. The growing popularity of colorful eyeshadow on the eyes has led to the demand of this course. Here you learn how to use different colors of eyeshadows on the different skin tones and make the eyes look beautiful, thereby enhancing the overall look of the client.

Airbrush Makeup

Another very famous short course is airbrush makeup, and in this, you learn the techniques of the airbrush. Furthermore, you also learn how to improve the looks of the client with the help of the airbrush. This type of short course is of one week, and you can easily select it simultaneously with your freelance makeup work. For more details about quality brushes browse

Lip Makeup

Many want to learn how to do the lip makeup, mainly how to use the lip liner and for them, this is a perfect course. It is of about 15 to 20 days, and you can attain all the relevant knowledge required to become a lip makeup specialist. You can handle how to conceal the pigmentation on the dark lips and how to apply lip color and lip liner on thinner lips or plump lips. Find more details about lip makeup here

Natural Makeup

If bridal makeup is famous then so is the natural makeup, and that is why you can find a lot of short courses available online on learning the techniques of applying natural makeup. This makeup style is, and the growing demand of clients for it has created a need for the makeup artists to gain skills on applying natural makeup where the beauty of the client gets enhanced without applying much of makeup. For more information browse The eye makeup in this style is light, and even the shades of the lipstick used in this are very bright. You also learn in this course how to apply nude lipstick on the people with darker lips.

What is Fabulive?

Fabulive isa platform which is meant for all types of makeup lovers and experts, who train and groom the budding makeup artists here, are ready to share their skills online. You need to join the platform and can live to stream the makeup videos on different makeup styles. This is the first live streaming platform, which is dedicated to improving the skills of the makeup artists. If you are a person passionate about learning makeup skills, then this place will fulfill your dreams and will let you attain knowledge required to become a reputed professional makeup artist.

How Fabulive can help you with short makeup courses?

Started in 2018 by a few passionate makeup artists, Fabulive has grown more as an MUA makeup school. Here you can learn the things that can enhance your capabilities as a makeup artist. If you are someone who wants to learn a particular type of makeup style or a makeup technique, then you can look for Fabulive. Here you get a chance to view all kinds of makeup videos free of cost, and you can learn step by step whatever you want to learn.


If you are an aspiring makeup artist who wants to enhance your knowledge level in applying makeup, then you must opt for short makeup courses. These courses are designed to help you grow your career without taking any extra effort. All the classes mentioned above are very popular and if you want to gain skills in it then select