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Since the ’60s and ’70s, artists have been showing their works in alternative exhibition spaces. In Europe, the link with the squatting counter-culture is very strong and such spaces as Tachales in Berlin have been a symbol of it. But as everyone and their uncles know, times are changing, especially in Berlin, when it comes to the Alternative Art Scene. Driven by my experience (disclaimer: I’m showing works in some of the spaces here), here are three examples of alternatives to the Gallery and Art Center.

Vitaly Bezpalov at Storage Capacité


Last Evening for the exhibition ‘Vom Winde Verweht’

Exhibition: ‘Vom Winde Verweht’

Projektraum Ventilator is a classic alternative space. Located in the beautiful part of Kreuzberg, in front of the Victoria Park. It was launched at the beginning of 2014 by a group of artists located in Berlin.
The French duo Florence Obrecht and Axel Pahlavi together with Franz J Hugo are the core of the group which features 15 artists. They wanted to create a space to show art that would be free from dogmatism. The Ventilator on the ceiling of the space serves as a mixer for practices, nationalities, ages.
The space aimed at creating a real platform for the contemporary art produced in Berlin, with all its grittiness and realness, just like the city itself.

The opening of the exhibition ‘Vom Winde Verweht’

After nearly 5 years of exhibitions, performances and other events, space finally had to close, as it is often the case in Berlin.

To celebrate the life of the location, a last exhibition was organized, showing works from Emmanuel Aragon, Nicolas Argenton, Jonathan Audin, Eugénie Bachelot-Prévert, Jérôme Barbe, Pauline Bazignan, Emilie Benoist, Céline Berger, Hilde Bergmann, Mathieu Boisadan, Corine Borgnet, Emmanuel Bornstein, Katia Bourdarel, Fritz Bornstück, Lena Braun, Joanna Bambi Buchowska , Mina Büker, Andrea Cataudella, Jonathan Cejudo, Sylvain Ciavaldini, Antoine Constant, Dalila Dalleas Bouzar, Christoph Damm, Ayako David Kawauchi, Guillaume Dimanche, Thomas Decker, Agnes Domke, `DREA, Ismael Duà, Yafeng Duan, Inbal Eastbell, Christian Ebel , Dominik Eggermann, Ewa Finn, Zana Fontannaz, Emilie Fraeyman, Maike Freess, Samira Freitag, Antonio Gagliardi, ____gemelos2000, François Génot, Yves Gobart, Joax Goldenage, Reinhold Gottwald, Michel Gouéry, Elke Graalfs, Matt Grau, Jon Helip, Fleur Helluin, Wolfgang Hille, Franziska Houmsi, Maged Houmsi, Lou Hoyer, Franz J. Hugo, Hervé Ic, Axel Ingé, Laurie Jacquetty, Sarah Jacquin, Patrick Jambon, Sarah Jérôme, Chloé Julien, Susanne Jung, Zam Johnson, Stefan Kaminski, Nicholas Kashian, Yulia Kazakova, Halim Karabibene, Heike Kelter, Juszi Kinski, Buffy Klama, Thomas Kleinschmidt, Amy Klement, Isabel Korallus , Youcef Korichi, Frédéric Krauke, Marco Kunz, Dietrich Ian Lafferty, Kathrin Landa, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Peter Lindenberg, Sebastian Lis, Peter Löffelholz, Marianne Maric, Zara Marlen, Valentin Martel, Bledar Mastori, Vincent Mesaros, Filip Mirazovic, Uwe Moellhusen, Marc Molk, Patrick Munk, Frédéric Nakache, Barbara Navi, Audrey Nervi, Melvin Neumann, Bettie Nin, Alexandra Noat-Dumeste, Larissa Nod, Christian Obrecht, Florence Obrecht, Raphaël-Bachir Osman, Axel Pahlavi, Gérald Panighi, François Paris, Wolfgang Petrick, Laurence Poitou, Béatrice Pontacq, Anais Poulet, Anais Prouzet, Marco Reichert, Leander Reininghaus, Raphael Renaud, Theodor di Ricco, Marion Ruault, Lionel Sabatté, Hubert Saint-Eve, Charlotte Salvanes, Günther Schaefer, Mathias Schauwecker, Mathias Schech, Peter Schlangenbader, Christian Schoch, Sara Schultz, Jan Sobotka, SP 38, Marta Stratskas, Jeanne Susplugas, Manami Takamatsu, Cédric Taling, Alexej Tchernyi, tçpç, Alex Tennigkeit, Maximilian Thiel, Emilie Thomas, Roselyne Titaud, Abel Tournissoux, Leonid Tschernobelski, Heike-Maria unVORStellBAR, Laurent Valéra, Yannick Vey, Peggy Viallat, Tommy Vissenberg, Visuman, Viola Wandrey, Michel Warzee, Giesela Wrede, Hansa Wiskirchen, Jung-Yeun Jang, Igor Zaidel, Wu Zhi, Sahar Zukerman.

YES! That IS a lot of people, and it demonstrates just how important the space was.

View of the exhibition ‘Vom Winde Verweht’
View of the exhibition ‘Vom Winde Verweht’


‘Hands of Doom VI’

View of the exhibition

Storage Capacité belongs to a new category of nomadic structures. It’s also defined as a gallery space, but not really a commercial one. In their own words:

«We don’t know yet what S.C. is about or where it is going to end. As well we don’t know it’s limited. We just believe that it can be anything. A gallery, an off-space, a label, an artist group, or a bowling club. Maybe we will open a Burger Restaurant next year. This is our concept. It’s about the social links that can be established, an intimate vibe. It’s not about the individuals who are running it or where it is based. Usually, people find each other.»

The latest show, ‘Hands of Doom VI’ featured the works of artists Paul Barsch & Tilman Hornig, Vitaly Bezpalov, Nschotschi Haslinger, Bernhard Holaschke and Botond Keresztesi with a Text by Natalya Serkova. As a contemporary painting lover, I knew the space through the following of Botond Keresztesi. Keep yourself informed through their social media.

Nschotschi Haslinger
Paul Barsch Tilman Hornig
Botond Keresztesi


Fleur Helluin, Herakles on a rock

‘A Collection of Art

Inspired by Art Basel, and curated by RedD Public Relations the event makes its own the quote « Breaking the White Cube ».

Following recent eruptions around museums’ treatment of race, class, gender, and more, writer and editor Brian Droitcour look back at how artists and curators approached new strategies for display.

Located in the private space of René Holm, a Danish artist and collector, the show intends on providing another kind of art viewing experience. It’s actually the one I prefer: the comfort of a home, a relaxing atmosphere, helps the viewer to view the works in a new intimacy.

With Studio 3926 (formed by Henry AnnO & Mathilde Bonbon), Markus Jaursch, René Holm, Felix Schramm and Fleur Helluin (that’s me, folks).

The opening: 8th of February – 7 to 10 pm

Artists Talk, Are non-conventional exhibition spaces the new standard in contemporary art? : 9th of February – 1 to 3 pm

Attendance to all events is by invitation only. You can request one by contacting the RedD Public Relations team: and say you read this article.

Markus Jaursch Nocturne Voir 07
Studio3926 – Rene Wirths