Sia Arnika Autumn/Winter 2024: A Divine Darkness

In the hallowed halls of Berlin Fashion Week, amidst a thrum of anticipation, the Sia Arnika Autumn/Winter 2024 collection unveiled itself like a modern pantheon of fashion. With the reverence of a goddess, it cast a shroud of enigmatic darkness and fierce determination around the silhouette of a woman—a woman not unlike Asta Nielsen.
Photography by @borismarberg

Nielsen’s ghostly shadow danced across the runway, her spirit reincarnated through Sia Arnika’s muse—a mysterious woman adorned with spiritual sensuality, daring anyone to peel away her layers of intrigue. Just like the Danish siren of the silent screen, this woman demands adoration, her presence a worship-worthy beacon in the cavernous expanse of the venue.

Born of a similar spirit to Nielsen’s inimitable rise during the silent film era in Berlin, Sia Arnika’s odyssey mirrors the silent starlet’s voyage. The collection whispers tales of Nielsen’s chameleon-esque performances—a nod to her gender-bending portrayal of Hamlet, her raw allure in ‘The Abyss’—all while celebrating the transformative poise of garments, their fabric, and expression.

Material is mantra, and through the language of texture, shape, and artful dissection, Sia Arnika weaves an intricate story of dichotomies. Contrasts collide and collude—the immaculate and the chaotic, the banal yet brazen—brought to life through duality’s sartorial dance, casting shadows and light upon each other in a deliberate display of stylistic storytelling.

As the collection unfurled, the catwalk became a temple stripped to its very bones—models, the high priestesses, gliding through a monolithic structure, their path illuminated by a curated luminescence. Soundscape handpicked to ensnare the senses, the atmosphere thick with Sia Arnika’s meticulously constructed world.

In an audacious partnership, AW24 saw the confluence of Sia Arnika’s vision with Untitlab’s groundbreaking ethos. The London/Shanghai footwear maverick, known for its rule-defying creations, lent boundary-blurring hybrids to reinforce the collection. These shoes, with silhouette as their sermon, preach the daring defiance of norms—both professional and personal.

At KALTBLUT Magazine, we stand entranced by Sia Arnika’s new collection—a divine darkness that we not only admire but aspire to embody.

FOUNDER @sia__a__
MAKE-UP @kenny._Campbell
HAIR @rubyhowes
SET DESIGN @stefanie_grau
CASTING @eli_x_casting
PRODUCED BY @jeromefglock


RUNWAY IMAGES @borismarberg

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