Signal Festival Prague 2014

Let there be light !!! We had the pleasure to visit the amazing Signal Festival in Prague. This was more than just a festival of light. The entire city was part of this extravaganza. 20 featured projects and many side events turnt the city in one romantic illuminated happening.


Specially the interactive installtions were big fun for children. They have been invited to jump on interactive pads (the Pool by Jen Lewin USA) or dance with live video mapping (FLOW by Andrej Boleslavský & SIGNAL LAB CZ )! Our Glitterloving heart fell in love with “CRYSTALLATION” (by Jaroslav Bejvl jr. CZ) an unique light-crystal installation in the shape of a tunnel full of crystal glass elements. We also fall in love with an light installation, that was not part of the festival. “The Cracking Art Group ” installed 34 yellow luminous penguins as part of “Re-Evolution” exhibition for the Kampa Museum.



But penguins werent the only animals and not even the water was save from being lighten up !! The KRAKEN ( by Gabriela Prochazka CZ ) was an underwater visual show “putting us in mind of the bioluminsecent powers of the deep water creatures”. Signal ended with a complete darkness in Prague. The light was symbolically shut down in Prague for about 15 minutes with a little surprise at the end!

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All photos done with Sony Xperia Z2. An Android phone that allows you to take photos and videos like never before. For moments you’ll keep looking back on forever.