Siren Ashore

A dangerously beautiful siren, wandering the streets of Amsterdam. A KALTBLUT exclusive by Elysa Kleinprintz & Naomi Philips. The model is Hoyin. Humanlike sea creatures, immortal sirens spend many centuries discovering the depth of the ocean, never growing bored of its beauty and its diversity.

Therefore they have not been sighted by humans much before. But in recent years, more and more of these mysterious creatures are found wandering the streets of port cities. The Earth’s climate change has caused their surroundings to crumble and their fellow marine creatures to perish. Has this particular siren come to Amsterdam longing for new amusement and love? Or does it seek revenge on the humans who have disturbed its realm?

Directed and styled by Elysa Kleinprintz & Naomi Philips

Photography and retouching by Naomi / Instagram: @sweetelfling
A film by Elysa / Instagram: @amuelysm
The model is Hoyin / Instagram: @hoyinsama from @knownmanagement

Make-up and FX prosthetics by Elysa / Instagram: @amuelysm
Jewellery handmade by Naomi / Instagram: @sweetelflingshop
Green sweater by The Ragged Priest, briefs by Calvin Klein, all other clothing items are thrifted/vintage
Instagram name of each brand: @theraggedpriest @calvinklein

“Ever since I was little, I have adored fantasy and fiction. I read any fairy- or folktale I could get my hands on and watched my mother’s VHS tapes of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth over and over. Fantasy lives and dies on whether its world is believable and interesting. But there seems to be a need for very explicit content to make it interesting and immersive enough for the modern-day adult. It saddens me to see a genre I hold so dear, one that encouraged me to dream and find beauty everywhere, become almost inextricably linked with gore and (sexual) violence. And its audience, once children read fairy tales, becomes emotionally numb. We believe that the ability to imagine continues to be important throughout life. Stop running after your goals for a little and think back to when you felt that sense of wonder. We encourage you to cultivate your (childlike) imagination.

As a child, I immersed myself in Benjamin Lacombe’s illustrations and Anne Rice’s novels. Growing up, my imagination became the sweet escape from circumstances that caused distress. Meeting Naomi made me realize that a lot of adults still cherish fantasy. Tired of seeking entertainment in other productions and saddened to see more adults losing their childhood creative capacities, I strongly believe there is a way to grow up without cutting off fantasy from our lives, but instead blending it in with reality. Let our fictional creatures live and evolve in our modern world. We trust that candour, gentleness, beauty and the ability to dream aren’t weaknesses but a valuable part of our modern lives. We hope that by translating our own fantastical thought and ideas into images, we will stimulate you to let your imagination and creativity run free as well.” *Elysa