Sirene by Francesco Greco

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Mak-up and Model Luca Pieretti. Francesco Greco is back with a new editorial he made during the Lockdown. “Sirene” is a series that I took with Luca in march, just one day before the total lockdown in Italy. We were working on a shooting that unfortunately would have been skipped, so that day I had cut and dyed his hair, because of the closed hairdressers. Then I found an old Disney t-shirt in my wardrobe and we started shooting. I play with the red hair colour and the blue then I mixed everything creating an Ariel Ciccone Warhol.”

Team Credits
Photography and photo retouching by
Francesco Greco / / Instagram: @francescogrecophoto

Mak-up and Model Luca Pieretti / Instagram: @lucapieretti_mua
Guest-starring  baby cat model Isaac