SISTERHOOD by Adrianna Sołtys

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Adrianna Sołtys is a fashion and beauty photographer based in Cracow, since 2015. The project SISTERHOOD is a story about femininity. Connecting both sites of it – the gentle one and the powerful one – we created a vision of romantic independence. Delicate frills balance intensity of leather and chains. Strong connection with nature is expressed in colours. Inspired by both the wild west and the belle epoque we created a story where haute couture meets village life. All the editorial is based on Polish fashion designers – Justyna Petelicka, Aleksandra Jendryka, Karolina Bochnia, Dorota Mazurczyk, Rita Krzysiek, and Klaudia Klimas. 

Team Credits
Photographer Adrianna Sołtys
Stylist Monika Sendecka
Instagram: @m.sendecka
Makeup artist Natalia Gicala
Instagram: @natalia_gicala
Julia Chaiko
Instagram: @yuliachaiko
Eleonora Yaroshchynko
Instagram: @eleonora301995
Hoang Ha Nhi
Instagram: @nina.nina898

Fashion designers
Aleksandra Jendryka
Instagram: @aleksandra.jendryka
Klaudia Klimas
Instagram: @klaudiaklimas.official
Rita Krzysiek
Instagram: @ritakrzysiek_shoesmadeinpoland
Justyna Petelicka
Instagram: @jap_petelicka
Karolina Bochnia
Instagram: @karolina_bochnia
Dorota Mazurczyk
Instagram: @dorotamazurczyk