Sisterhood by James Omorodion

 James Omorodion is a US based photographer, in the city of Dallas, Texas. He is a creative and my medium is photography. This Sisterhood project is one of such projects that is intent on connecting with others. The Sisterhood project is an abstract thinkpiece on Sisterhood. The idea of Sisterhood can be communicated in several ways, the goal was to capture Individuality, Synchronicity, Safety, Bond, and Acceptance.

Sisterhood is many things. Sisterhood is Individuality. Sisterhood is Synchronicity. Sisterhood is Safe. Sisterhood is Bond. Sisterhood is Acceptance.

“My primary desire is to evoke some sort of connection through my photos. I feel as though society is getting more and more detached/isolated mentally which I don’t believe is a good thing. I believe creativity and art are powerful tools that can evoke emotions and a sense of connection to something other than one’s self, which I think is an amazing step at a more connected society.”

Photographer is James Omorodion
Instagram: @j.omorodio
MUA is Chloe Channel Christian
Instagram: @chloechanelmakeup__cc
Model 1 is Temi Thomas
Instagram: @temithomas_
Model 2 is Nyanjam Malek
Instagram: @iamnyanjam
Model 3 is  Natasha
Instagram: @tashigolean22
Styling by
James Omorodion / Temi Thomas
Creative Direction by
James Omorodion / Temi Thomas