SKALAE: A Cinematic Exploration of Eternal Bonds

In an exquisite cinematic journey, “SKALAE” presented by movement director Marie Zechiel and director I AM JOHANNES plunges into the profound depths of human resilience and the transcendent power of enduring connections that defy the limitations of time and emotion. This visually stirring short film delves into the ethereal realm of SKALAE, masterfully blurring the lines between our inner landscapes and the external world, illustrating the unbreakable and sacred threads woven into the very essence of our identities.

“SKALAE” transports viewers into a spellbinding narrative following an otherworldly protagonist on a quest to uncover and embrace the immutable and ancient ties that define their very being. As the film progresses, physical and emotional tensions build, engaging in a delicate equilibrium that prompts audiences to ponder the enigmatic question: What is real and what is not?

Marie Zechiel’s visionary approach crafts a dreamscape in which movement, fashion, and cinematography synthesis evolve into a visual manifesto. This declaration proclaims that amidst the mechanical rhythm of our advancing future, the pulse of authentic human connections continues to thrive. With its unique visual artistry and poignant dance and movement sequences, SKALAE captures a timeless essence, preserving the delicate beauty of the bonds that remain unspoken but deeply felt.

Concept and Creative Direction by @mariezechiel
Starring @azza.bashir_ & @azamykins
Movement Director: @movementdirector Marie Zechiel

DOP: @maxim.west
Production: @yallayallashesaid
Producer: @ikildum
1st AC: @finneganwagner_ac
Gaffer: @abhishek_kolge
Light Assistant: @thabaluca
Hairstyling: @hairtouchedbybe
MUA & Nails: @fabienne_hoppe
Styling: @rilljohanna
tyling Assistant: @heartbreakjotel
Music Composer: @andremoghimi
Editor & Colorist: @metawaste
Catering: @iam_d_girl
Driver: @dsahinmusic
Best Girl: Ufuoma Essi 

BTS Photographer: @philo_mena_w

Special thanks to @katkoanmusic , , @jen.gilpin , @aya.loveu , @jesusnebredagalindez @katryback @joranost and