Skin by Michele Pergola

“Only he who looks into the surface can fathom its meaning, reaching the essence of the things. – The skin is our surface. –  At the beginning we emerged from the darkness, naked in the world. In that darkness we will submerge at the end, naked as well. Our skin is what appeared in the universe’s eye and that skin will be our last gleam. – This impermanent, fragile shape of light and matter is what we are. By way of it we know, in it we recognize.

Denying the deep and substantial meaning of our surface means denying ourselves. Negating the beauty and fascination of this extraordinary way of being in the world is the same of negating the spirit of our humanity.

Be conscious about this sacred matter, celebrate it, look into it, turn your soul to the outside of it to be able to admire it and sing it until there will be light, instead of hiding yourself in a lake of dark and stagnant hypocrisy.”