Slam Jam x ColourFeel – This was the Suicoke Ibiza Cruise, 2022

Ibiza has long been a hallowed ground for those seeking escape, esoteric discovery, and a deeper sense of freedom. The island is also a thriving, natural paradise. In 2022, Ibiza’s relevance reverberates more powerfully than ever.
Photography by @davidmontesaldea

This year, sustainable Japanese footwear firm Suicoke took a group of creators to the Balearic isle, inviting them to reconnect with the natural world (and quite possibly, their natural selves).

A special collaboration between pioneering curators of subculture Slam Jam and Ibiza-based experiential design outfit ColourFeel, the slowly unfolding 3-day story was not all that it seemed…

A welcome dinner between the olive groves gently unveiled secret encounters with some of Ibiza’s most esteemed healers. An early-morning yoga session turned into a much-needed meditation. A hike through one of the island’s most storied valleys became a reflection of creative legacy, guided by storytellers, performance artists, poets and musicians. We visited regenerative farms, a recently refurbished artist residence, and Ibiza’s most intrepid restaurants. Along the way, the group was given time and space to ruminate on their own creative future.

At a time of rapid return and global frustration, the Suicoke Ibiza Cruise was a moment to explore the all-important idea that we’re all unfinished beings and taking the time to work things out, re-define concepts around progress, and release rigid imaginings about the future are how we navigate towards the new world.

Resisting the collective pressure to simply make, re-define, or tell our own stories in our own way – is more than okay.