Softly Spoken, Seat Belts Unbuckled

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Reid Calvert. Models are Petite Meller and Zariya Allen, both signed at Other Peoples Children, Dani Loftus from This Outfit Does Not Exist.

“My name is Reid Calvert. I’m a multimedia artist from Texas living in Los Angeles and I wanted to share with you a series I just finished entitled ‘Softly Spoken, Seat Belts Unbuckled’.

I started this project last summer after learning about my friend, Dani Loftus’ digital fashion company called ‘This Outfit Does Not Exist‘.  I was curious to see what would happen if I shot everything with the film formats that I use in my practice with a digital approach to fashion. 
I first worked with my friend Patrick Carroll, an artist based in LA who uses handknit cashmere garments as a canvas for his poetry for the clothing on the models pre-digitized. I was then connected to Regina Turbina and Z.X. Studio by Dani to dress the models in digital garments by various designers. Regina Turbina is a digital fashion designer who founded the digital fashion platforms, Artisant and Replicant.

I wanted to experiment with this technology with keeping the integrity of film photography intact with this project. I also wanted to highlight this technology’s aim for sustainability in a fashion that needs to be embraced more in the industry. “

Photography by Reid Calvert / / Instagram: @reid.calvert

Models are Petite Meller signed at Other Peoples Children / Instagram: @petitemeller
Zariya Allen signed at Other Peoples Children / Instagram: @zariyaallen
Dani Loftus from This Outfit Does Not Exist / Instagram: @thisoutfitdoesnotexist

Assistants are Leeann Huang / Instagram: @leeann.huang
Yulia Zinshtein / Instagram: @yulzina

Brands used are Patrick Carroll @patcar / Sasha Frolova @sashafrolova / INTERVALS @intervalsfest / Z.X STUDIO / CYBR Off-World 001 @ayayi.iiiii / Xtended Identity @xtended_identity