Sol de Invierno

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sarai Figueroa. The model is Camila. Makeup by Andrea Villarroel. Styling by Angela. “This editorial introduces us to a love story. Have you ever felt like your days are starting to feel like dark, cold winter days? You´ve been let down so many times that you rather stop counting. Until one day someone comes along, It feels like a ray of sunshine in the clouds, You start laughing again, enjoy everything you do, every single minute of the day.”

“I feel like I already know you from I don’t know where or when. Just like my first love, I am feeling like a little child, as sweet and shy as before. Nobody has ever made me feel this way. These days I am at so much peace with myself, I enjoy being with you. Although sometimes I feel like all of this could be ephemeral, I’m thankful that you were my winter sunshine on my saddest days.”

Photography by Sarai Figueroa @Fotodepez
Model is Camila @Caamilaluna
Makeup by Andrea Villarroel
Styling by Angela @Darksideofarepa
Photography Assistant @Ale_ms11
Brands used Are @Diablada.atelier

THX to
Ale, Nati, Pablo, Agus, Angela, Mateo, Tía y al equipo.