Fire Island - Cherry Grove Summer 2016

Somnambulist by Allison Michael Orenstein

Allison Michael Orenstein is a New York City based portrait photographer. She has been known to also shoot architecture, interiors and music. She counts numerous awards and her work has appeared in big advertising campaigns and countless publications. As DJ Damn Right in college, she now uses those skills on photo shoots. Turns out Billy Crudup loves Led Zeppelin, Toni Collette loves Olivia Newton John and Dreams by Fleetwood Mac never fails. Allison Michael Orenstein resides in Williamsburg with her wife Simone and their long haired dachshund Louie. 

“Last summer, I went out after sunset in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York for several nights with my camera, tripod, and bug spray. CHerry Grove can be a party town but at this time there was silence, nature, twilight, the ocean – and a few strangers who waited for me to finish my long exposures. I returned home one night and my wife and dog were asleep. The moonlight was coming through the window. I rallied to take one more picture and to do it quietly so as not to wake them from their dreams.”