SONIKKU is celebrating the launch of their eclectic, multi-collab album, “Whirlwind of Malevolence,” by sharing their Top 5 tracks perfect for a beach trip! “I live in London which is often grey and raining but I often think back to the times where I’m in a friend’s car on a long drive to the beach, the journey and music is often the best part about the trip,” says SONIKKU on their selection.

“Whirlwind of Malevolence” captures the essence of an out-of-control rave night, with the spotlight track ‘Nail Shop’ featuring the talented British Iranian producer/songwriter/vocalist Orchid. ‘Nail Shop’ is truly a song about getting a manicure, but it’s packed with bouncing bass, stretching strings, and eclectic melodies, topped with Orchid’s breathy, vibrating vocals, exuding a vibe reminiscent of J-Lo’s approach to rap, and it’s a dynamically fun dance track.

1. Robyn – Beach2K20 (Louie Vega Remix)

“The perfect driving song and the perfect song to set the mood for the trip, it just reminds me of the sun.” 

2. Hole – Malibu 

“Me and my friends were driving to Malibu so we obviously had the play this on the way. I’m also a big Hole fan, who isn’t?” 

3. Blue Hawaii – I felt love 

“Reminds of driving around the Greek island of Rhodes stopping off at secret beaches only my friend knew about.” 

4. Powerline – Double Journey 

“This is perfect for the journey back home when the sun is setting.”

5. Lady Alma – Far Away The Layabouts vocal mix 

“Reminds me of driving around LA with my best friend.” 

SONIKKU’s sophomore project is a tumultuous mix of genres ranging from electronic to hip hop, europop to trance, filled with tracks like ‘Unhinged’, ‘Twisted’, ‘Wonky’, ‘Runaway’, and ‘Debaucherous’— a nod to those crazy nights we’ve all experienced. This LP navigates through an array of feelings and sounds, from the confrontational zeal of ‘Enter the Chat’ to the melancholy of Euro-trance in ‘Lipstick Stain’, amalgamating intricate rhythms with pulsing melodies, all connected by SONIKKU’s tech expertise and unabashed love for the dancefloor.

Moreover, this album features an impressive list of international collaborators, including Australian club genius PartiBoi69, the UK’s innovative live-coding DJ Dave, Bayli from Brooklyn known for her R&B style (‘Enter the Chat’), Raky Ripper bringing Spanish flair to the bilingual ‘Wonky’, NYC’s own Miss Madeline, and Lagos-raised rapper Deto Black, infusing ‘Unhinged’ with a 90s to modern R&B flair.

Feature photo by @freddietalbot1

Whirlwind of Malevolence is out now: