Sore muscles

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Alex Bex. The model is Lenny Flore. Alex Bex is a fine art photographer, working at the intersection of staged photography, snapshot imagery and portraiture. His personal work explores conceptual topics inspired by characters from his surroundings and stories from his past, infused with quirky and upfront aesthetics.

‘Sore muscles’ is a series exploring his vision of new masculinity. The images he produces work as a window onto his personal conflict between being a ‘real man’, the role framed by society over time which he unconsciously stands by, and his own belief in the kind of man he should be.

Photography by Alex Bex / / Instagram: @alxbx
Model is Lenny Flore / Instagram: @lenny_flore
Brands used are Nike @nike, Apple @apple, Decathlon @decathlon