‘Sorry for Not Trending’: Alinka’s Playful Jab at Influencer Culture

The musical journey of Alinka and Shaun J. Wright’s project, Twirl, continues to flourish with their successful re-launch. Alinka, renowned for her critically acclaimed EP ‘Day Dreamer’ and the outstanding label debut of her friend Serge G. with ‘Spanish Cassette’, now treats us to her exquisite three-track release, ‘Sorry for Not Trending’.

During a creatively fruitful period in late 2022, which also witnessed the birth of her aforementioned ‘Day Dreamer’ EP, Alinka poured her emotions into this latest offering. Originally from Kyiv, she turned to music creation as a much-needed solace following the passing of her grandmother and the escalating war in Ukraine.

‘Sorry for Not Trending’ takes a lighthearted dig at influencer culture, with its lead single, ‘Deep Into The Vibe’, leading the charge. Infused with the essence of Chicago, where Alinka spent nearly a decade as a resident DJ at Justin Long’s .Dotbleep party in Smartbar, the track epitomizes fun. Catchy riffs, bouncy drumlines, and an infectious old-school energy propel it forward, transporting listeners to the vibrant dancefloors of the Windy City.

Meanwhile, ‘Neon Fantasy’ offers a cosmic trip, its crisp and driving sound tailor-made for those late-night moments when the crowd yearns for a thematic shift to keep their bodies in motion. Lastly, ‘Night Tales’ delivers proggy melodic flourishes and chugging basslines, serving as a singular and satisfying conclusion to the EP.

“’Sorry For Not Trending’ is a playful reference to today’s culture of clicks, likes, and follows, and the concept of equating online popularity and trends to artistic value. It’s a reminder to look beyond what the algorithms tell us is worthy and to form your own path. It’s music for the dance floor. I want to create the sort of energy that makes people close their eyes and dance like no one’s watching instead of staring at the DJ. That’s the message of these tracks for me,” explains Alinka.