Sound Of The Week: BLVSH

Berlin-based DJ collective BLVSH release their first VA, with all the benefits from the sales donated to NARUD. Created for the exposure, peer support, and promotion of new FINTGA* talents, BLVSH  is committed to helping increase the visibility of women, trans and non-binary folks and their blossoming in a still male-dominated clubbing scene. Founded in early 2020, BLVSH has grown to become a platform and network dedicated to promoting FINTGA talents through mixes, radio shows and events (online & offline). The collective also gives vinyl- and digital-mixing workshops to women, trans and non-binary folks and puts on feminist exhibitions in order to create interdisciplinary spaces where artists come together to exchange and connect. 

For this first VA, we decided to focus on the meaning of our name “BLVSH”, which is for us the idea of blossoming, blooming, coming to life. Half of the tracks are from our crew members, while the other half are from guests dear to us. Active members of the FLINTGA* scenes and communities in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.

NARUD e.V. stands for “Network African Rural and Urban Development” and is a migrant-diasporic organisation active since 2005. The main goals of the association in Germany, especially Berlin, are the promotion and self-empowerment of people in the African-migrant communities, the communication of cultural values of African societies, the processing of the colonial past and colonial continuities, as well as the opening of intercultural dialogue.

You can catch members of the BLVSH collective on Refuge Worldwide Radio where they have a discussion-based show in which they invite members of the Berlin music scene to talk about their work. 

[FINTGA* stands for: Female, Lesbian, Inter, Non-binary, Trans, Genderqueer and Agender people]

Artwork by @acid__angel

Download BLVSH VA [BLVSHVA001] here: