Sound Of The Week: Josh Lumsden

Independent DIY pop artist and acclaimed NYC-based producer Josh Lumsden, formally releases debut EP, “SCION i” on May 19th across all DSPs and streaming services. The EP release follows a dramatic run of its initial singles that featured LGBTQIA+ Icons; Rupaul’s Drag Race Winner Yvie Oddly takes their swing on first single, “Energy”, multi-dimensional trans icon Cottontail makes their mark on second single, “Holiday”, and Australian pop-sensation Brendan Maclean croons on “Drowning”.

The remaining tracks of the EP mark a close to its collaborative first half, and a start of its visual-album experience. “Right Here”, an industrial house track that takes you right into a Brooklyn warehouse rave was accompanied by a music video that centered around high-fashion by up & coming designers SIKK Designs & SKNDLSS. “Wanna Have Fun”, a Pop/R&B turned Techno earworm features a futuristic AI-infused music video making a statement on the emergence of AI generated art. The final single, “Waiting”, is a downcast pop dream that turns violent, featuring melodic vocals and infectious harmonies. The music video for “Waiting” is currently in production and will be released in the coming weeks.

Josh reins as NYC’s “Independent DIY pop artist” for being the sole producer of their entire discography, director and editor of their music videos, and graphic designer of album and singles artwork. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, the classically trained musician and self-taught producer has been praised by Broke Magazine for “constructing supernatural earworms”, with World Of Wonder asserting that “everything you hear comes straight from Josh”.

“The ability to produce my own music came from not knowing anyone who made beats, along with my innate apprehensiveness to bother anyone”, recalls Josh. “Being able to create things on my own and not rely on anyone is not only practical, but liberating.” Josh cites their biggest musical influences as fellow self-producing artists like Grimes and Rosalía, for giving him the drive to continue doing things his own way and on his own terms.


SCION i Back Cover