Sound Of The Week: Joviale

Joviale likes a challenge. The 24-year-old born and raised Londoner decided to take the leap into making music 3 years ago following a transformative period in her life. After teaching herself to play the guitar for 2 years, uploading demos onto SoundCloud, organising and paying for her own first gig, Joviale was an instant hit. Her to-the-point lyrics, elaborate musical paintings and richly constructed dreamworlds caught the attention of listeners around the world, most notably Kate Tempest and Jerkcurb who both personally asked her as support for upcoming shows after seeing her perform low key gigs. On her new EP ‘Crisis’, produced by Bullion (Laura Groves, Westerman, Sampha) and released on Blue Flowers (Nilufer Yanya, Westerman, Puma Blue), she uses her unique talent for musical story-telling to address and soothe the myriad of crises – “identity crisis, personal crisis, financial crisis” – that life in your 20’s seems to consist of. Joviale shared a few words on the journey that led her to the finishing line and today’s release of ‘Crisis’. 

KALTBLUT: Having already taken on London’s live circuit for some time, what challenges have you faced along the way? How did you overcome them?
Joviale: Good Rehearsal spaces in London are too expensive to be considered widely accessible.

KALTBLUT: Could you tell us about your time at Laylow?
Joviale: I set a fire on my first nights stay, it was an accident. They have wonderful staff. I will always appreciate the support network that has come from my time there.

KALTBLUT: What notable experiences you’ve had along the way?
Joviale: Being asked to support Kate Tempest…

KALTBLUT: What drove you towards your solo project? How have you find “your sound”?
Joviale: I’m not too sure what is driving me yet. I’m still finding my sound.

KALTBLUT: Tell us about your upcoming EP ‘Crisis’ and working with Bullion. What went into this new body of work?
Joviale: It’s my debut project. Bullion is a G. A lot of heart went into it.

KALTBLUT: The visuals for ‘Taste of the Heavens’ are wonderful, I love the abstract connection with nature and fashion. Could you expand on the story behind the clip?

Joviale: I met Marika-Ella Ames (stylist) working with Fiona Jane Burgess on the Ride Away shoot. I just tell her my ideas and she’s just amazing at capturing those moments from my head. I appreciate her a lot …and Fiona for introducing me to her.

KALTBLUT: And some of your influences?
Joviale: Who can tell anymore my brain is overloaded by the internet.

KALTBLUT: What other mediums do you use to express yourself?
Joviale: Me and my close friends Angelique De Raffaele and Helena Banerjee have become a visual team under RedChartreuse. I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to lean on Fiona her as a mentor and me as a baby director. I definitely feel like visuals is a medium I want to explore some more.

KALTBLUT: What are you top 3 songs for commuting around London?
Joviale: Right now, Whelm – Douglas Dare, Rhapsody – Rita Marley, The skye boat song – Roger Whittaker

KALTBLUT: What is next for you?
Joviale: Back to the studio.

Crisis is out now via Blue Flowers

Feature photo by Molly Cope