Sound Of The Week: PRVNA

PRVNA, a rising star in the dance music scene, is making waves with her latest release, the mesmerising afro-house EP titled “Move My Hips”. This incredible collection of tracks is poised to ignite dance floors and leave audiences spellbound.

The EP kicks off with the lead single, “All Day”, a pulsating masterpiece that immediately draws you in with its infectious four-to-the-floor kick drum and syncopated shakers. PRVNA’s seductive vocals enter the space, blending layered whispering voices and echoed calls, creating a sense of liberation and an irresistibly sexy dance feel.

In addition to the previously released singles, “Move My Hips” and “Only U”, the EP presents two incredible additions. “Work On Me” is a smooth and soulful track that effortlessly captivates the listeners, while “Fantasy” takes a darker, fiery turn, delivering a powerful sonic experience.

PRVNA’s musical journey is a tapestry of diverse genres and cultural influences intricately woven with the spirit of tropical island vibes and uplifting dance music. Drawing inspiration from her South London roots and the vibrant landscapes of her childhood, PRVNA treats production as a form of storytelling. The result is a series of addictive singles, including fan favorites like “Get Down” and “Believe”, which have garnered acclaim and excitement from both fans and industry insiders.

It comes as no surprise that PRVNA’s incredible talents have caught the attention of the industry’s forefront. Her releases on esteemed labels like NeedWant and Nervous Records have earned her recognition from prominent figures in the music world. Renowned DJs such as Danny Howard, Jeremiah Asiamah, Jess Iszatt, and Jyoty have even spun her tracks, solidifying her status as a rising star in the dance music realm.

Reflecting on her creative process, PRVNA shares, “This EP has been a real journey to womanhood for me. The project starts with an almost innocence – delicate and pretty, and transforms into something dark and demanding- with bold and brazen lyrics. It is an invitation from me: to feel good, push boundaries, take up space – and if you can, move your hips”.

Feature photo by @hark1karan