Sound Of The Week: Temptress

R&B-pop ensemble Temptress unveil the visuals for their latest single, “Heaven Sent.” Hot on the heels of their track “Future Valentine,” which earned a place on COLOURS’ esteemed playlist, the dynamic pair returns with a garage-influenced single. “Heaven Sent” features harmonious, mellifluous vocals laced with soulful, jazz-inflected harmonies that create a stark contrast against a backdrop of robust basslines and syncopated garage rhythms, casting a subtly ominous shadow as it delves into the more obscure facets of human nature.

Speaking of the track, Temptress say, “Underneath a sweet, even angelic exterior, we as humans often like to be cheeky, tell little white lies or even play with fire just for the thrill. We wanted to explore the darker side of people, which is the complete opposite to our previous single ‘Future Valentine’! We hope people resonate with the track, and more importantly, have a dance to it!”

Temptress, renowned for their synthesis of lusciously seductive pop and R&B/soul, consists of Jessi and Vlad, each contributing to the vocals and production. Both discovered their musical synergy during their time at Goldsmiths, where they connected through their individual journeys in London’s indie gig circuit, despite originating from different neighborhoods of the city. What started as a solitary project under the moniker “Vlad vs Clover,” escalated when their inaugural track “Lies” hit Soundcloud and skyrocketed in popularity. This surge of acclaim led to the birth of Temptress. Ascending in their musical journey, they launched their debut EP ‘Body’ in 2021, and now make an impactful return in 2024.


Heaven Sent is out now: