Space is inseparable from matter by Andres Marti

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Andrés Marti. Model is Serghei. The geometry of space envelops us and makes us one. The space is malleable like the one who inhabits it, they share the same skin, the same matter; they dialogue, they complement each other, they merge. A Subjective interaction is generated between the subject and space.

Multiple meanings of the same matter mutate according to the state of the subject. The way we interact with space defines the way we identify ourselves and our own capacities. The subjects of this exhibition, who are ourselves, are shaping reality in the same way that reality is shaping them. Subjects that relate to space are limited or expanded, light or heavy, dense or fluid.

Photography by Andrés Marti / / Instagram: @6marti6
Model is Serghei / instagram: @sergethomas

Andrés Martí (Bogotá, 1989) is a Colombian artist/designer. Co-founder and Director of the Comes Cake Image Laboratory, where he has had the opportunity to work with different brands, artists and foundations such as Nike, Fuji-Film, Indiebo, U = U, Aterciopelados and Esteman, managing to be in the count of what 40 under 40 of the year 2018 from Money magazine. In his photographic project Otredad, he seeks to find himself portraying other people in a melancholic and surreal way. Colouring their noses and eyelids in ruby ​​red immerses each character in a timeless universe that plays between reality and fiction. In his portraits, whose essence is collage, he mixes makeup with post-production, natural and artificial light, real and digital elements. His work has been exhibited in different spaces and platforms in Bogotá, London and Tokyo. Among his most recent exhibitions, the exhibition held in 2019 at the Barcú art fair stands out where, together with the Acción Interna foundation, a project of portraits of people deprived of liberty was carried out, called Reverdecer, which sought to redefine the passage through the jail. This project helped raise funds for the foundation and was featured in different media such as El Tiempo, El Espectador and W radio. He has recently explored also with the creation of video-art and sculpture. This year he obtained a scholarship at the University Center of Arts in Madrid (TAI) to do a master in Artistic and Documentary Photography, a master that he will do in the period 2021-2022.