Godslave, Wolford, Calvin Klein


A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Creative direction & Photography by Doris Mari Demetriadou. Model is Nicola Joseph. Makeup by Despina Psara. Hair by Stephanos Violaris. Styling by Nicola Joseph.

Suspended in an oddity, preserving their beautiful domain, our fellow traveller awaits. 

There’s a tension in the air – the presiding aura, as that of a bird in a cage. 

The taxonomist, performing as if having found what it is that really matters, and perhaps feeling as though complete; quenches his ‘I’. 

For he has yet to observe the whimsical battles which are binding his material world. 

So, he comes into being without questioning. 

And so, they are. 

Stifled, but not without vigour their coexistence, a necessary duty.

Vivienne Westwood, Arcoiris Jewellery, Sisley.
Godslave, Wolford & Calvin Klein
Alan Crocceti, Fiorruci, Vivienne Westwood, Wolford & Gucci
Alan Crocetti, Fiorucci, Vivienne Westwood, Wolford, Gucci
Godslave, Wolford & Calvin Klein
Alan Crocetti, Tommy Hilfiger, COS, Wolford, Gucci.
Balenciaga, Goldsmith’s Vintage, Wolford, Gucci
Alan Crocetti, Dj Greek Lover, Here After Vintage, Robert Geller, Calvin Klein

Creative direction & Photography by Doris Mari Demetriadou / www.dorismaridemetriadou.com / Instagram: @dorismaridem
Styling by Nicola Joseph / Instagram: @studionicolajosephx
Makeup by Despina Psara / Instagram: @desp_o_ina
Hair by Stephanos Violaris / Instagram: @stephanosviolaris
Model is Nicola Joseph / Instagram: @nicolajosephx
Photography Assistant is Theodoulos Evangkelou / Instagram: @theevangelou