NYC-based alt-pop powerhouse Stalking Gia is perhaps one of the most exciting nascent songwriters in the independent music scene right now, and the sudden (but well-deserved) viral success of her 2016 single “Second Nature”, reaching over 13 million streams on Spotify alone. Today, SG can proudly say that she’s a platinum-selling songwriter with well over 20 million collective streams and counting; a force to be reckoned with.

With an incredibly emotive vocal performance and a raw lyrical proposal, Gia’s newest single is “a very bitter birthday anthem to sing to your favourite toxic situation-ship!” – Titled “Happy Birthday!” the song is certainly lacking in mirth and any real congratulatory vibes, it’s instead as sardonic and sarcastic as can be. What kind of song would you dedicate to the anniversary (or the literal birthday) of a person or situation piling on the discomfort and difficulties in your life?

“With a recent Tiktok of a demo gaining momentum, she released “saddest happy girl”; a song that samples the famous nursery rhyme “Clementine” in its chorus to much acclaim. Her track “obviously…” is “about the dreaded talking phase during the first few weeks of seeing someone new. From grand gestures to radio silence and all the speculation in between.” Her latest single “Happy Birthday!” is a sing-your-heart-out bitter birthday anthem on your favourite toxic situation-ship! “

Though acerbic, “Happy Birthday!” isn’t some false proclamation of bad-lassitude, nor empty boast about empowerment, it’s more of a cognizant stock-taking of the toll that toxicity takes on your life. Stalking Gia is known for her vulnerable and sensitive songwriting, and this single is no different, as she seems to go through an earnest introspective process where she sees and wishes things could be slightly (or overtly) different for the better.

Though Gia is presently described to be in the alt-pop camp, the “alt-ness” of it all manifests in a bit of a rock edge to her sound, perhaps a sylph-like manifestation of tumultuous emotions just bubbling beneath the very surface of her calm and decidedly glamorous exterior- The result is an affinity for the theatrical, a meaningful inch of proximity towards baroque pop Divas and Rock goddesses alike. 

Photos by Lauren Eliza Dunn