Stanley Stellar vs. Kurt Prynne

Kurt Prynne is proud to commemorate Berlin’s CSD week with the work of one of the most significant photographers of LGTBQ+ history, both past and present: STANLEY STELLAR (b. 1945, Brooklyn, NY).

His work is a celebration and exploration of the many facets of queer life. Through his lens we are witness to some of the most important events and eras of our history: from the Stonewall riots of 1969 to the Gay Liberation Movement, the Christopher Street Piers in the West Village, the first Gay Pride Parades and the realities of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and much more.

In his recent works, Stanley Stellar decided to include Kurt Prynne’s collection during a photoshoot in his studio in New York City. He comments, “I like to be inspired by other creative people and I like how classic/contemporary the black jockstrap comes across. Kurt’s jockstrap is soo timeless. It’s been designed to resonate with the classic history of art”.

Alex, NYC 2022