Steel in Motion

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Abi Wood, a recent fashion design graduate and artistic director from Southeast London. The editorial brings together steel accessories made by Abi and organic textures designed and made by graduate designer Louise Webber. Photography by Moja. Videography by Hanna Fransson. The models are Adukita and Chaewon Park. Makeup by Kanako.

“In this shoot we explore nuanced retro-futurism, focusing on the tension between the past, the present and the future. The revolving nature of trends and aesthetics can act as a reminder not to view these as three disconnected constructs, but rather, as the product of a continual, immutable interaction. Just as with the advent of mobile phones, AI has hit its stride as a technology that threatens to upend our world. We are living in the future, and as always, it looks more like the present than any of us thought that it would.”

Photography by Moja /
Art Direction by Abi Wood / @abiwood
Videography by Hanna Fransson / @almost_ginger
Casting by Freya Thomas-Taylor / @freyathomastaylor
Styling by Abi Wood / @abiwood
Makeup by Kanako @kanako_makeup
Models are Adukita / @adukita12
Chaewon Park / @onlyandwon
Models represented by D1 Models

Brands used are Abi Wood and Louise Webber