Steve Aoki – Neon Future I

Steve Aoki, son of Benihana founder Rocky Aoki, has published a new amazing album back in September 2014. “Neon Future I” is featuring artists like Empire of the Sun,, Flux Pavilion, Bonnie McKee und Machine Gun Kelly. Forbes Magazine ranked Steve Aoki as number 5 of the World’s Highest-Paid DJs: Electronic Cash Kings 2014. 

Preorder Steve Aoki’s “Neon Future I” album on iTunes and receive “Free The Madness”, “Delirious (Boneless)” and “Rage The Night Away” instantly: iTunes:

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When I imagine the world of dance music, I see a colorful world. This together with my fascination for Futuristic makes the basic concept of my new album Neon Future, “says STEVE AOKI. I see the future in a rather utopian direction, built on technology, music and color. These ideas were the impetus for the work on my first double album.

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Album out since September 30.2014

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