Stimmungslandschaft by Alessandro Pollio

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and art direction by Alessandro Pollio. Production and styling by Michael Stivanello. Models are Antonio Lopez Nieves, Djily Niang, Maria Dalla Rovere, Isabella Radivojevic. Makeup and hair by Maria Teresa Casarotto. Special thanks to NOB Show-room.


Stimmungslandschaft (emotional landscape) is a contemporary translation of the aesthetic of the sublime. It is an expression of natural beauty and a tangible manifestation of a transcendental generating force. The pictures investigate the close relationship between body and context, inverting the compositional logic of landscape painting of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The human figure is not absorbed in the contemplation of the landscape but turns to the viewer as an integral part of the natural scenery. Light and backdrop push the subjects into the foreground but all elements are inextricably linked in the definition of the Stimmungslandschaft.

Photography and Art Direction: Alessandro Pollio / / @alessandropollio_
Production and styling: Michael Stivanello @michaelstivanello
MUA and Hair: Maria Teresa Casarotto @terrimake_up
Stylist Assistant: Ottavia Mettifogo @ottmtt
Models: Antonio Lopez Nieves @lopezznieves / Djily Niang @the_real_mvrio / Maria Dalla Rovere @mariadallarovere / Isabella Radivojevic @icharleee
Model Management @independent_mgmt
Men’s Division Agent: Federico Lecce @federico_lecce
Show-room: NOB Show-room @nobshowroom

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