Sound Of The Week: strongboi

After teasing a string of stand-out singles, bursting with character, strongboi reveal their 7-track body of work ‘strongboi’. The collaborative pair have crossed genres & attitudes to bring an eclectic mix of bouncing bangers & smooth rolling grooves. You’re in for a treat.

Previously unreleased single and focus track ‘Flame’ is a weightless, intoxicating offering, led by Alice’s dreamy vocals. The single is a love song about seeing someone’s potential and wanting the best for them. Influenced by classic r&b, it’s emotional, sincere and like the rest of the album, born to be kept on repeat.

strongboi is the passion project of long time friends & bandmates Ziv & Alice. They began with a super lo-fi vision of using mainly casio keyboards & toys, but today they stand as a full band project, still emulating it’s lo-fi beginnings but whose live shows take you on a journey from disco dance tunes to jazzy ballads, ensuring all forms of expression are on the table.

The Berlin-based duo have created their own, independent musical world without artistic rules or restrictions, allowing them to thrive in a space of their own. After self-releasing 3 singles in 2020 recorded in a Berlin living room, the pair went on to build a studio of their own in East Berlin, named ‘La Pot’, where they recorded the album.

Previously released single ‘Fool Around’, the album’s opener, sets the tone with its slinky, irresistible melodies and luxurious production. A fun and playful song with a classic disco inspiration that invites you to dance and sing along. The irresistible bop scooped praise from the likes of Cool Hunting, COLORS, Notion and KCRW as Top Tune of The Day.

On ‘Unconditional’ the pair extend their collaborations to Salami Rose Joe Louis; a climate scientist turned artist and producer. Clash magazine described the release as a ‘vivid piece of alt-pop that grapples with bold new ideas, whilst NPR spoke warmly of the release, describing it as follows’ ‘the hopeful, sparkling synths that emerge like bubbles at a kid’s birthday party, reminding you there’s still so much more left to find joy in, as long as you hold on.’

Leading the way for their album release, the latest single “cold” has already been handpicked by Elton John on his Rocket Hour Apple Music radio show. Arriving at the end of last year, the track was inspired by the vibe of Bootsy Collins and Funkadelics. The bouncing love song was born out of desire and fiery passion, with an earnest approach to the lyrics that have sincerity and immediacy to them.

Photos by @lexihide