A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography, Text, Art Direction by Daniela Yordanova. Model is Aleksandra Dragova. Styling by Maya Mateva. Makeup by Maria Traykova. Hair by Peter Purvanov & Dan Krustev.

I am here. Not in the present not in the past either.

I’m stuck in the idea of the future. I’m constantly daydreaming about it and I’m filled with emotions as if I’m going back. And I see myself already winning, already content and fulfilled. I see myself remembering about the past,  that present time I’m now missing. I wasn’t at all ready for any of this and I can’t help but daydream. And I know that I will be okay. Everything will be okay somewhere in the future. But maybe not today.

Photography, Text, Art Direction by Daniela Yordanova /
instagram: @sucks2beyoou

Styling by Maya Mateva / instagram: @matevayam

Style Assistant : Slava George/ instagram: @theserpentcircle
Model is Aleksandra Dragova / instagram: @aleks.dragova

Makeup by Maria Traykova / instagram: @mariatraykova
Hair by Peter Purvanov & Dan Krustev / instagram: @peter.purvanov @dankrustev

Brands and Designers’ List

Abstraction @abstract_faces
Artefakti @artefakti
Badinka  @badinkastyle
Lame God @lamegodsofia
Maya Mateva  @matevayam
Off Limits  @off_limits_studio
Simeon Atanas  @simeon_atanasov
Slava George @slavageorge
They Are @theyare_official