Studio Miyagi! Photography by Anna Breit

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Anna Breit. All fashion by Viennese label Studio Miyagi. It´s a young fashion label, focusing on sustainable body/underwear. Make up by Julia Marinics. Models are Valerie Laferl, Elisa Brockmann, Jakob Végh, Amina Wafler and Thomas Cervenca.

It is about Body and Shapes.

„Black Magic“ Set by Studio Miyagi,
„Boybeater“ by Studio Miyagi
„Black Magic“ Body by Studio Miyagi
„Rasnici“ Set, Shorts „Habemus Pampam“ by Studio Miyagi
Body „Pee Tee“, „Lang Wan“ Set by Studio Miyagi
Jewellery selfmade
„Rasnici“ Top by Studio Miyagi
„Black Cloud“ Top, Shorts „Habemus Pampam“, Body „Pee Tee“ by Studio Miyagi
„Black Cloud“ Set by Studio Miyagi
Shorts „Habemus Pampam“ by Studio Miyagi
„Black Magic“ Set by Studio Miyagi,

Photography by Anna Breit / / Instagram: @anna_breit

Anna Breit is a young photographer from Vienna, Austria.  After she visited a photo class in Vienna, she spent a couple of months in New York as an intern at an agency focused on fashion photography. Whithin her work she moves freely between art and fashion photography with the main focus on people and relationships. Her new fashion editorial for Studio Miyagi is about bodies, shapes and togetherness.  She mainly works analog, primarily with a 35mm range finder camera.

„I feel way more comfortable shooting analog, because I feel protected somehow. The people I shoot have to trust me completely, because I can´t show them the photos straightaway.“

Make up by Julia Marinics / / Instagram: @juliamarinics
Clothes by Studio Miyagi / / Instagram: @studio_miyagi

Models are:
Valerie Laferl / Instagram: @mittagsschlaferl
Elisa Brockmann / Instagram: @elisabro
Jakob Végh / Instagram: @jakobvegh
Amina Wafler / Instagram: @aminalituka
Thomas Cervenca / Instagram: @dirsten_kunst