left: Form of interest. & Friends. // Right: Andreas Hachulla x Studio183 Vernissage & Merch Launch

Studio183 x KALTBLUT presents Form of interest. + Noetia & friends + Andreas Hachulla

A photo review. The place to be during #BerlinFashionWeek was STUDIO183. A collaborative store concept that integrates high quality design, fashion, technology & art. Together we invited fashion lovers to see new designs by Form of interest. + Noetia & friends + Andreas Hachulla. Thanks to STUDIO183 for having us as partners duing #mbfwb. Here are some photos from all events. All photos by Yu-Liang Liu

15.01 // Form of interest. & Friends. “You are in my veins transculturalchild”

Form of interest. is a Munich based unisex conceptual fashion label. A crucial component of Jessica Dettinger, the Head of Form of interest. is her creative process of a deeper and more universal understanding of fashion and design itself. Fashion as a medium for communication and not only as a garment. At the same time curiosity is what drives her to work and to understand her view on what is going on in the world. It is about being same and different – about loyalty and diversity. The collections circle around material volumes, geometry, oversize between a clean conceptual approach and commercial wearables connected to the art world in form of videos and photography.

Exhibition : Fashion: Upcoming pieces of the summer collection 2018
“You are in my veins transculturalchild” by Form of interest..

Photography: Editorialwork by Sophie Wanninger (different Images of the collections by Form of interest.) – Music: by SENU (Senu Michiel) & Slimgirl fat aka ugly dragon (NA L AN)
Interactive Installation & Videos: by Jessica Dettinger
Conceptual support: by Sebastian Zimmerhackl
Location and team support: by Studio183
Media partner: KALTBLUT Magazine
Drink sponsor & bar: Freimeisterkollektiv


17.01 // Noetia & friends STUDIO183 in Bikini Berlin

STUDIO183 invited fashion lovers to their shop in Bikini Berlin. To present a fashion by Noetia. The berlin brand NOETIA combines the existence of different inner worlds with their subjective truthfulness and transforms them into fashion. Anna Franziska Michel developed together with Rio Sierra the label NOETIA. In their projects they realize stories that Berlin tells them.

They love to transform theoretical and philosophical inspirations into fashion. NOETIA´s androgynous aesthetic is underlined by the names of womenswear NOETIA and menswear AITEON (NOETIA mirrored). In combination with video and photo material you do not only get clothes, but small worlds. Their visions are based on specially developed digital prints, which they design together with their children and further developed by methods of generative design. Therefore, the fabrics used in the collection are not just bought, but product with personality. noetia.de

18.01 // Andreas Hachulla x Studio183 Vernissage & Merch Launch

Hachulla‘s digital drawings are created during his forays through Berlin’s club and nightlife. Most clubs whose sound architecture consists of a system of samples and copies are prohibited from photographing. Hachulla uses his mobile phone as a sketchpad and keeps his impressions of the club scene drawing. Fleeting things, like the flashes of light that make the architecture visible for a fraction of a second, are of equal interest to him as are the architecture itself. The mobile drawing program simulates both the characteristics of drawing tools and the style of the artist / user. Within the exhibition, Andreas Hachulla’s series stands for a post-digital artistic practice that is not digitally oriented, but that is not possible without digital-technological contexts. During Berlin Fashion Week Studio183 hosted a Vernissage and merch launch at the store in Mitte.

STUDIO183 is a collaborative store concept that integrates high quality design, fashion, technology & art. STUDIO183 began as an experimental pop up shop in 2015 and has now formed into a boutique retail concept representing an evolving selection of international and Berlin based artists and designers. With two fixed store locations in East and West Berlin, STUDIO183 prides itself in showcasing high quality design, fashion & art while offering a platform for select young designers and entrepreneurs to sell their products in a curated retail context.

FLAGSHIP STORE studio183.co

Mon – Fri, 12pm – 8pm
Saturday, 10am – 8pm

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