Introducing: SUKETDHIR – the 2016 winner of the Woolmark Prize in Milan! Photographer Boa Campbell captured Rabanne signed at TFM (Mumbai) for the SUKETDHIR AW look book. Styling by Aaditya Walia. Location: Shot in Churu, Rajasthan, India. A KALTBLUT exclusive first view.

“We are an indo-centric, eco-chic, contemporary menswear brand that combines artisanal techniques and luxurious fabrics in classic silhouettes that are styled with subtle intricate detailing and a hint of quirk. We believe in the ‘Less is More’ philosophy and our old school tailoring & finishing processes lend luxury to every creation. Each garment is crafted from high quality primarily natural materials such as cotton, linen, bamboo, fine muslin (mulmul), silk and wool; which then culminates in a deceivingly simple yet elegant product. We are encouraged by appreciation from our clients, when they gradually discover the subtle nuances and complexities that go into making our products.”

“Our commitment to luxury is through unflinching quality, delivering a great product and attention to immaculate handcrafting, detail & use of natural materials. We celebrate comfort, the aesthetic evolution with wear and the charm of ageing beautifully. Our creations embody a timeless quality that keeps them relevant and stylish years later.”


Photography by Boa Campbell / / Instagram: @boacampbell

Model is Rabanne signed at TFM (Mumbai) / Instagram: @itsrabannebitch

Styling by Aaditya Walia / / Instagram: @aadityawalia

Location: Shot in Churu, Rajasthan, India