Summarized in drama and glamour

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Santiago Alvarez. “Regarding the concept of my photography project, these photos are part of a compendium that we have carried out together with the Stylist Leany Calderon. This project is mainly focused on producing female portrait photographs of an artistic and editorial nature, under a production technique that mixes real images with digital painting.

The basic concept that persists in the background is minimalism; In other words, the use of the least amount of visual elements possible, achieving this, generates forcefulness and impact on those who observe the photograph.” *Santiago Alvarez

Photography by: Santiago Alvarez / Instagram:

Model is: Shirly Gomez / Instagram: @shirlygomezr
Model is: Toti / Instagram:
Model is: Daniela Acuna / Instagram: @daniela_acunha
Model is: Sofia Trujillo / Instagram: @soffiatrujillo

Makeup and Hair by: Catalina Bernal / Instagram: @katbernal1
Makeup and Hair by: Adriana Rivera / Instagram: @adrianarivart

Styling by: Leany / Instagram: @leanycal
Brand is: VIF Collection / Instagram @vifcollection