Sunny Side Up by Polina Mordvinova

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Russia. Photography by Polina Mordvinova. Model is Polina Vydrina. Designer is Anna Vlasova. Brands used are Nami, Zara.

Photography by Polina Mordvinova / Instagram: @paulmordvian
Model is Polina Vydrina / Instagram: @polinvy
Make up and hair by Polina Mordvinova / Instagram: @paulmordvian
Designer is Anna Vlasova / Instagram: @vla_sova_a

“My name is Polina Mordvinova and I am a photographer, retoucher and collage artist from Krasnoyarsk. Krasnoyarsk is an industrial city in Siberia with a population of 1,000,000. 7 months a year we have winter, and 5 spring, summer and autumn. We have incredible nature and one of the worst environmental conditions in the world.

So, when I was 10, my 12-year-old friend showed me Photoshop. I really liked it. I started to explore, I experimented with designs and fonts, did plastic and studied curves. I shot self-portraits with a soap dish and processed them in Photoshop. At the age of 13 I was presented with a DSLR camera and I started taking pictures. It is difficult for me to describe this path. Since childhood, photography has been a means of earning money, which really inspired me – working with color, retouching, post-production. Literally two months ago, I became a photographer and became really interested in photography, despite the fact that I have been shooting continuously for over 10 years.

Now I am a commercial photographer, a bit of an art photographer, collage artist, retoucher, artist. I am looking for myself in various fields, photographing people, food, flowers. A month ago I became a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. A year ago I became a member of the Russian collage community. And I am still looking for myself and enjoying what I do.”