A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art Direction by Dominik Leingartner. Producer is Gülden Sarac. Models are is Helene Harnisch and Eric Mai Pototschnik. Styling by Sandra Cienkowski. Make up by Eleonore Ising. Brands used are Florian Máthé, SF 1 OG, Noemi Buchert. 3D Artist is Bianca Novák. Superduper is a visual exploration of posthumanist ideas of outsourcing the human ability to think and thus externalising intelligence. Human organisms that turn into shells and, like cocoons, have the sole meaning of preserving an inner unity, a transcendent mind. Raising the question of the future significance of a physical body.

Dom is a young multidisciplinary artist from southern Germany – focused on film and art direction. His interest in the future combination and mutual influence of virtual worlds and physical realities informs his style of filmmaking by complementing film with virtual video. His ability to create highly autonomous aesthetics with close and honest personal encounters gives his films an immersive feel and emotional character.

Art Direction by Dominik Leingartner / / Instagram: @dominik.leingartner
Assistant Direction by Bos Nooij / / @b.ossabos
Producer is Gülden Sarac / Instagram: @gueldensarac

Models are is Helene Harnisch represented by Izaio Management / Instagram: @helenejoliee
and Eric Mai Pototschnik / Instagram: @aethericmai
Styling by Sandra Cienkowski / Instagram: @antifashionstylist
Make up by Eleonore Ising / Instagram: @niemandswasser.mua
The music & Sound Designer is Dominik Joel Novák / /
Instagram: @dominovak
Gaffer is Philip “Pip” Köhler / Instagram: @dieser_pip
First Assistant Camera is Marco Piana / Instagram: @ergiano97
2nd Camera Operator is Michael Kulikov / Instagram: @mischa.kulikov
Set Assistant & BTS Photographer is Noura Salifu / Instagram: @nourasalifu_
3D Artist is Bianca Novák / Instagram: @bianov

Brands used are Florian Máthé, SF 1 OG, Noemi Buchert.
Instagram name of each brand: @an_elastic_word @sf1og @_.nomi._b