Sweet Finca

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by akawalo Estudio & Aitana Lozano. Models are Jose Ángel, Dann Cruz and Elisabeth Blair. Creative Direction by akawalo Estudio. Styling by Nina Pérez. Art Direction by Vivien Déniz. Makeup by Nazaret Martín.

“My name is Eduardo Olmos, but everyone calls me Walo. Oddly, when I was younger, I did not want to be called Walo because I found that name weirdly strange. As I grew older, discovering my inner world, and becoming more and more aware of my own individuality, I held on tight to Walo, and I have not let go of him ever since.

Curious by nature, Walo not only questions the experiences he encounters along his life but also their relationship with his own <<self>>, thus finding himself in a state of continuous reflection & evolution. Through fashion, portraits and storytelling, he explores dreams and fantasies involving identity, his roots and nature.

Walo connects with his creativity through experience, using this as a catalyst to bring out his imagery. In a way this enables him to express ideas and feeling he sometimes finds difficult to express out loud. Enabling him to have a sort of conversation with himself as well as connecting and healing his emotions.”

Creative Direction by akawalo Estudio / www.akawalo.com / Instagram: @akawalo
Styling by Nina Pérez / www.estefaniapereznaranjo.com / Instagram: @ninapereznaranjo
Art Direction by Vivien Déniz / Instagram: @viviendeniz
Photography by akawalo Estudio / www.akawalo.com / Instagram: @akawalo
& Aitana Lozano / Instagram: @aitanalozanop
Photography Assistant by Neymara / Instagram: @xneymarax
Makeup by Nazaret Martín / Instagram: @naza.mrtn
Models are Jose Ángel / Instagram: @callemonke
Dann Cruz / Instagram: @dancrruzz
Elisabeth Blair / Instagram: @thewitchtomb

Brands used are Boira Las Palmas @boiralaspalmas / Pitagora Life @pitagoralife / Studio Arde @studio.arde