Synthetic Garden

“Synthetic Garden” is a KALTBLUT exclusive editorial featuring German-based independent designers Anna Hieronymus, Helena Stölting, and Abarna Kugathasan. The shoot juxtaposes the beauty of organic flowers and plants with the innovative use of synthetic materials in fashion design. Models are placed against AI-generated backgrounds, based on prompts asking for their interpretation of natural elements.

The clothing designs draw inspiration from nature and utilize synthetic fabrics to replicate organic silhouettes. This editorial shoot explores the tension and harmony between the organic and the artificial and the possibilities that arise when the two are combined in unexpected ways. Synthetic Garden invites viewers to contemplate the boundaries of nature and technology and to appreciate the unique aesthetic that emerges from their fusion.

Hieronymus Designer Bio:

Designer and textile artist Anna Hieronymus studied apparel design at F.I.T. and worked with Opening Ceremony, Alexander Wang, and 3.1 Phillip Lim before launching Hieronymus in NYC in 2015. Her work blends international influences with hyper-real elements and abstract forms. Created for the mindful fashion customer, Hieronymus utilizes vegan, high-end deadstock, and unconventional materials, handcrafted and remixed into experimental statement pieces that will transcend trends and become treasured objects for seasons to come. She currently works between the USA and Berlin.


Photography by Gabriella Achadinha / /
Instagram: @gabriella_achadinha
Photography By Rodger Brown / / Instagram: @hieromorphe
Hair and Makeup by Lara Barten / / Instagram:  @larabarten
Set Design by Shuaitong Zong / Instagram: @shuiuiuii
Hat Jacket Bags and Art Direction by Hieronymus /
Instagram: @Hieronymus.World
Dress by Abarna Kugathasan / Instagram: @abaerrna
Shoes by Helena Stolting / Instagram:
Production by Jarrod Joseph / Instagram: @jarrodjoseph
Production Assistance by Jutta Babak / Instagram: @jutta9rac4y
Studio by Kemmler Kemmler / / Instagram: @Kemmlerkemmler
Modelling by  D H Y A N I  / Instagram: @__dhyani
Modelling by Padani / Instagram: @padaniiii

Brands used are Hieronymus, Helena Stölting, Abarna Kugathasan
Brand Instagrams: @abaerrna