Telekom Electronic Beats forecast: Where will the ravers meet in the future?

What do fashion, rave and the grid have in common? The rise of progressive cultural movements, underground communities and re-creation sparkles in the visual and sonic spheres. Besides the blend of the industries, the aesthetically and sonically raver movements are more and more prominent inside – out of a grid.

KALTBLUT caught up with the co-founder and creative director of A Better Mistake – Simone Ferraro – and virtual model and DJ EYEDIGOMUSE to map out where the ravers meet in the future.

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EYEDIGOMUSE: Hi Simone, how is your pace after the fashion week marathon? Can you tell me more about what you’ve presented and what’s coming in the future?

Simone: Very happy with our Alter Ego performance during Milan Fashion Week. The show brought a different narrative and a different approach to fashion and the way we communicate it.
We took the context of fashion week as an opportunity to build an artistic performance. Fashion is a tool or a trigger and we amplify all the senses and art to reach the audience with a full set show.

Imagine, we brought electronic music into a theatrical drama. The rave culture gave flavour to the whole show, although it was one of the instruments of the experience.

All people involved in the project made so much sense within our language and community. Metaraph developed the music and Macia del Prete – choreography. It elevated the project to another level.

It is a central point for the next steps. I like to observe the ashes of each project and restart from there. A circle, chapter after chapter, never stops. The core remains. Tell me, though, what’s your take on the raving culture’s prominent presence in fashion? Any favourite ravers on the red catwalks you’d highlight?

EYEDIGOMUSE: It comes back to the roots, where it all started. But it also goes to the present and the future. It’s fascinating to see raving youth mingling in the high-end fashion context. Fewer layers, more inclusivity. I’m digging Rick Owens, Martina Tiefenthaler, Anne Imhof, GmbH duo Serhat and Benjamin.

Once I think about A Better Mistake, it has a very strong visual identity, community connection and progressive social media presence. How do you interlink those parts?

Simone: Naturally. It’s just the way things are. Everything is connected. A clear vision is 100% of a project. A vision goes with community and social – the new agora where most of our stories take place.

I love digital spaces, it allows us to eliminate boundaries, create new entire worlds and connect with people you could never do without digital communities. The thriving of the digital presence makes an impact on the way we communicate our identity too. In which ways does digital fashion growth, you recon, make an impact on the fashion industry? What’s next?

EYEDIGOMUSE: More accessible, interactive, inclusive and sustainable. Let’s mark the times of alteration as we finally layer the looks with digital tools. Humans get more experimental, less owning, and more credentials for the artists. With the access growth – interest raises. Without those, I would not be able to have a dialogue with you right now. I would not be wearing the human wear: this ‘Raver’ shirt by A Better Mistake or Telekom Electronic Beats cap. The sooner, the better we will blend physical and digital more – this comes from the conversations and openness to exchange. For example, the approach of collaborative creativity is strong in your brand’s DNA. How do you run the collaborations?

Simone: As A Better Mistake, we are on the look for the people who inspire or encourage the dialogues. The vision spreads once you share it. That’s our way of thinking.

At the moment we are working together with Telekom Electronic Beats on a long-term relationship project. Merging music, art and fashion, giving young talent a voice, and bringing rave culture to new unexpected places. We elevate youth movements. The first glimpse of it was during – Milan Design Week. Stay tuned.

EYEDIGOMUSE: Stoked! Can I get a guestlist? Music, fashion, and design as collaborative industries are so interlinked nowadays!

Simone: Every day more. Again, digital spaces are opening new opportunities for collaborations where distance, gender, age … has no meaning anymore. The future belongs to the ones who understand the merger.


Virtual Model & DJ EYEDIGOMUSE for TELEKOM ELECTRONIC BEATS Produced & Styled by
Digital Styling Assistant: Louisa Geier
DjH CGI Set-Design by: Kirill Sergeevich

Simone Ferraro by A Better Mistake

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