A KALTBLUT exclusive. With their new album TENDERNESS, multidisciplinary artist and performer Tyler Matthew Oyer explores themes of vulnerability, rejection, empowerment and self-determination. While in Mexico City, Oyer assembled a team of local talents to tell the story of the darker side of tenderness; set within a sex dungeon in the Juarez neighbourhood, the ambiguous tensions of a goth-glam queen and her S&M kink partner deliver an unresolvable power-play.

Photography by Alberto Newton / www.albertonewton.com / Instagram: @albertonewton
Styling by Nayeli De Alba / www.vimeo.com/nayelidealba / Instagram: @nayelidealba_
Styling assistant Tania Trejo / Instagram: @giveupnewyork
Make up by Fernanda Acuña / Instagram: @fernanda.acuna


Tyler Matthew Oyer / www.tmostudio.com / Instagram: @tmostudio
Andres Gudiño / Instagram: @gudino.a

Brands used are Balenciaga, Histerya, New Rock, Onrush, Marine Serre, Vivienne Westwood, H&M Studio, NDA, Alyx, The Warehouse Rental

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